Beadle Duties

The Beadle is the person who makes sure everything is set up for the church service. Setting the hymn numbers in the boards; uncovering furniture and hangings; generally setting the church up for worship; and also bringing the bible into the church at the start of the service.

At Kilbarchan Parish Church these duties are carried out by a team of Elders who take a turn of Beadle duties on a monthly basis.



Beadle Duties for the next few months are as follows:

Mary Marrison, Christine Erwin, John Fleming
 Willie Beattie, Iain Keith, Isabelle Robertson
Myra Grant, Malcolm MacAskil, Jenifer Pitchers
April Graham Mackay, Margaret Wooler, Neil Chittick
Una Strachan, Alastair MacKinnon, Sandy Graham
Bobby Stevenson, Richard Pitchers, Sandy Graham
Ann Macleod, Alasdair Law, Colin Campbell
 August Cathy Millar, Elizabeth Dunn, Alan Vaughan