Our next church service is on Sunday 20th August at 11am. Details and order of service will be shown below as soon as they are available. Details of future services can be found in the calendar.

Sunday 20th August - 11am

Worship led by Rev David Stewart

We Prepare to Worship God
Call to Worship
Hymn 173 Sing to God new songs of worship
Scripture Sentences
Prayer and Lord's Prayer

Sacrament of Baptism
Hymn 631 A little child the saviour came
Baptism of Arran George Shaw
Hymn 632 Our children, Lord, in faith and prayer

We Listen for the God's Word
Reading: Isaiah 25:6-9
                     St Luke 14:15-24


Hymn 519 Love divine

We Respond as Christ's Folk

Doxology 807 Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Prayers of Thanksgiving, Dedication and Intercession

Hymn 198 Let us build a house

We Go Out To Love and Serve