Congregational Board

The Congregational Board is responsible for the church finances and property - i.e. the church, hall and manse.

Members are elected to the Board at the Annual Stated Business Meeting of the church with approximately half from the Kirk Session and half from the congregation. A team of board members is on duty every Sunday to welcome people to church and all board members are allocated a delivery district, through which most correspondence reaches the congregation.

The Board currently consists of 22 elders and 22 members elected from the congregation.

Board Duty Rota

Marjorie Smylie, Neil Chittick, Susan MacAskill, John Lyle, Janice Douglas
Marie Alexander, Richard Pitchers, Ann McLeod, Marjory Love
 12/8/18      23/9/18 
Moira Stark,  Tony Martin, Iain Gibb,  Mary Love, Tony Martin, Myra Grant
  8/7/18  19/8/18     30/9/18 
John Fleming, Rosemary Clark, Joyce Scott, Alastair Mackinon, Alison McNicoll
 26/8/18     7/10/18
Muriel Donald, Mary Marrison, Lesley Meneely, Sandy Graham, Alison Renfrew
 22/7/18  2/9/18    14/10/18
Malcolm MacAskill, Margaret Gibb, Elizabeth Crawley, Robert Scott, Margaret Woodcock
 29/7/18   9/9/18    21/10/18